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April 21, 2023

Xplore Marketing: “Brand marketing” with Chilli Hills

Thanks to Xplora BG for inviting us to be guests on their digital podcast. We were very pleased to share our experiences and discuss issues related to the development of the Chilli Hills brand and its digital marketing.

Many thanks for the opportunity to be ranked among the best in the world of digital marketing and if we have motivated at least one person, that being in Bulgaria is worth it, that is enough.

And within the conversation between Vankata and Sando, you will hear the following topics:

1. How did the business start, where do they operate as markets, and what is the love of chili?

2. How many rely on digital advertising and for which audiences it works for. In which situations there is a direct effect?

3. How important is the content to different audiences – B2B and B2C? What types of content do they make and how often? How do they manage to create the cool photo sets / video recording environments – Christmas / Halloween / etc.?

4. How often and for which audiences does storytelling works when building spicy food culture?

5. How important are physical stores and how do they affect digital marketing?

6. How often new categories of products are being made – chips, brandy, etc., to be able to increase the movement of goods and people in the facilities themselves?

7. How partnerships are being made and soulmates being found as partnerships – socks, chocolate, beer, chips, brandy? How much does this help and does it open up new audiences?

8. What happened with the new site launch? Have the results improved?



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