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April 21, 2023

We planted hot peppers with the children from “Elitsa” Kindergarten

☀️ There are moments that make our work special and bring us special inspiration! What do we mean? Today was a great day, because we finally stopped working from early morning to late evening for a while and went to the “Elitsa” Kindergarden in Pancharevo.

We received an invitation a few weeks ago and it really turned out to be a difficult task, although it seemed so easy. And in the end, we had a really great time, because the time spent with the children is priceless.

🌶 We told them what we were working on and believe us or not it was extremely interesting for them. Perhaps because children are much closer to nature than adults – constantly busy in everyday life. So, we talked about chili peppers – what types are there, how to plant them, how to care for them and, of course, we planted Bulgarian carrot chili pepper seeds. Each child wrote his name on a stick and placed it on two seeds he had planted. We proudly put the mini-greenhouse on the window and we will eagerly wait together for the first green leaves to appear.

❤️ Well, what can we tell you… the pleasure was all ours, and we won’t even talk about the feeling of satisfaction from the time spent with the children.

🙏Thanks for this experience! Our hot peppers are about to be looked after by the best keepers!

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