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December 23, 2022

Top 10 gifts from Chilli Hills


It’s Christmas and you’re still wondering what to get your loved ones? Now let’s find out what are the top 10 Chilli Hills Christmas gifts!

9. As trivial as it may sound to some and too practical to others, our gift voucher is a top gift! If you don’t know how much hot he or she eats and you are not sure what flavor – this is the solution for you!

8. Another great idea is our Trio Revolutenitsa, which is also an original gift. It contains: Lutenitsa Chipotle Mild, Lutenitsa Habanero Hot and Lutenitsa Carolina Reaper Superhot.

7. The seventh place is taken by are our gift sets containing your favorite sauce, hot salt and dust plus Bulgarian carrot seeds.

6. Now it’s time for the best selling product every Christmas – our Dynamite. It is a pocket-sized set of five hot sauces and it’s a perfect gift for any spicy food lover.

5. The fifth place is taken by our set of spices that come in branded wooden box with the possibility of hanging on the wall.

4. It’s time for our favorite product – our home greenhouse with five-species hot peppers of varying heat level.

3. We can’t help but include our pride, the KILLA’ hot box which features our new line of artisanal, fermented KILLA’ hot sauces sauces, unique in Bulgaria.

2. The Full house set is our pick for number 2. The full range of the main Balkan Hot Sauce series is more than our favorite.

1. Aaaand drums please…. Here it is… the first place is taken by our phenomenal “All I Want For Christmas Is You” set. We have collected our most popular products in it – our brand new Brandy with Cardamom and Herbs, Hot Habanero Pickles, Lutenitsa, Habanero chili jam and Bulgaria’s favorite sauce – King Size Bulgarian carrot sauce.

Let’s not forget that we have many more products for you, check out our offers on our site.

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