We are Alex and Boryana and after many years of traveling around the world we decided to return to Bulgaria and live in nature. We found our dream home in the village of Kokalyane at the foot of Vitosha Mountain and it was here that our love affair with agriculture and outdoor living began. We started growing fruits, vegetables and our greatest love – chilli peppers! We called this love Chilli Hills.

The magic of Chilli Hills is led by us and thanks to a team of good professionals – wonderful people who make daily efforts to spice up their lives and yours. Our team consists of over 25 chillies: people involved in growing peppers on the farm, food processing and preparing recipes; people involved in production, design, marketing, administration and sales.



Founder and CEO
From being an active entrepreneur in the field of extreme sports, Alex has abruptly become a hot pepper farmer. Founder of Chile Hills and the man behind every detail in the brand.


Art Director
Boryana is the creator of the aesthetic feeling and vision of the brand. With extensive experience in retail and design environments, Bo lends the X factor for the Chilli Hills


Sales Manager

Nia is a person with enthusiasm and extensive experience in leading teams and implementing commercial
practices. Uncompromising and ruthless, she is a strong hand in the cockpit of Chilli Hills.


Production manager

From a production assistant, Teddy managed to head this very important part of the structure of the Chilli Hills.


Warehouse and logistics
Petya is energy, energy and energy. Dedicated and infinitely loyal member of the large family. It doesn’t matter to Petya whether she sticks labels, packs and delivers goods or picks chilli peppers.


Retail manager

Systematic and methodical, Didi is the person who will tell you everything about the brand and the products. She is also the person responsible for staff training at all new Chilli Hills sites.


Shop Varna

Tina will always greet you with a smile and a great mood. Extremely positive, sports maniac and unique confectioner. Makes the best spicy brownies in the world!


Shop Sofia

A legendary musician and a key figure in rap circles, Nikki will tell you everything you need to know about the brand’s products. If you like, he can even rhyme with you.


Technical Manager

Meto is the owner of the franchise site in Plovdiv. Over the years, he has developed as the person who technically manages the implementation of all new sites of Chilli Hills in the country.


Franchise Burgas

Owners of the franchise store in Burgas. Meticulous in their work and committed to the brand. Alex is the champion of the Chilli Hills ’21, so if you want to compete, just ask.



OLEG a.k.a. OLE G

Street Kitchen
Trucks, burgers, hot wings and beer, Oleg takes care of everything. Drummer of the skate / punk band Piranha and owner of the cult bar Grindhouse.




The lord of social networks. Whether in the mountains or at the seaside, Vanyo is the person who will make sure that our message reaches every single user in the global network as quickly as possible!


If you have scovilles in your blood, if you know why the Bulgarian Carrot does not grow underground and you want to turn this knowledge into a profession, send us a CV to Explain in a few sentences why you are interested in working with us. We are always open to people who are motivated to work with Chilli Hills, even if you do not recognize your skills in open positions at the moment.

Here are the open positions at the moment.