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July 3, 2023

Spicy Honey Mustard for BBQ!

Friends, here it is, it’s ready! Chipotle Spicy Honey Mustard for BBQ is our new surprise for you!

We know we’ve kept you waiting, but believe me, there’s a reason!

Introducing Chilli Hills’ newest product – a wonderfully balanced and aromatic mustard with real honey and smoky Chipotle pepper!

As you know Chipotle pepper is a ripe Jalapeño, dried and smoked, according to an original Mexican recipe. It has a lovely smoky, almost chocolate aroma. That’s exactly why we like it so much and decided on it!

Here’s what else this mustard contains – mustard (white and black), white wine vinegar, honey bouquet (20%), drinking water, chipotle pepper (4%), salt and turmeric.

And storage is easy – in a dry and cool place, and after opening it should be stored in a refrigerator.

A unique product with so much temper, you’d better not argue with it. This is your perfect company for summer BBQ, burgers, hot dogs and what not…

Chilli Hills Smokey Honey Mustard for BBQ is part of the Chilli Hills range of hot products suitable for any garden party!

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