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DEFINITION is a website that is an e-commerce mall whose creator and The owner is Chile Hills Foods Ltd. The site has a specialized focus, namely the sale of spices, spicy sauces, merchandise and others via the Internet by individual order of the client. All prices listed on this site are with VAT included and do not include delivery price! All prices are valid while stocks last. Chile Hills Foods Ltd. reserves the right to change prices without due prior notification of its users, as well as to correct erroneous technical and other parameters of the goods. Typographical errors, differences in the color visualization of the user’s computer configuration, as well as change the design of products. The colors of each product are indicated in the texts to it. All trademarks are owned by their owners. The content of this site cannot be reproduced or displayed without written consent from Chile Hills Foods EOOD. Definitions “User” is anyone who has uploaded to the website, “Items” are offered through the Site goods for purchase. “Order” is the individual request for the purchase of the selected Item / Items under the conditions provided on the site regarding the method of delivery and payment by the User. “Services” means all actions carried out by Chile Hills Foods EOOD during and / or on the occasion of the offer, sale and delivery of the Articles from Site. Preamble This document contains the General Terms and Conditions under which provides Services to Your users through the Site. Each user is bound by the rules of these general conditions for all the time of using the site, from the initial login to leaving the website. Identification of the User in order to reproduce his statement of acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions is done by stored in the log files of the server at the user’s IP address, as well as any other provided information. The General Terms and Conditions are published in a prominent place on the Site and are available to every User.


  The user has the right to view, order on individual request and receive products from the site under the terms and conditions, referred to in it. The User has the right to be informed about the status of his Order. The user is entitled to delivery of the requested Article / Articles and to the requested delivery address, after payment of the sale price in the order specified in Site. The User is obliged to pay the price of his Order according to the manner announced on the Site. Site users have no right to distribute, change (edit), copy (except for non-commercial, personal purposes), transmit, display, reproduce, reproduce, publish, create secondary materials, transfer, sell or in any other way use content on the site without the express written permission of Chile Hills Foods Ltd.


  Chile Hills Foods Ltd. has no obligation and objective opportunity and does not control the way consumers use the provided Services. Chile Hills Foods Ltd. has the right, but not the obligation, to retain materials and information, used / located on the server of or made available to third parties by the User, and to them provide to third parties and the relevant state authorities in cases where this is necessary to preserve the rights and the legal interests, property and security of Chile Hills Foods EOOD, as well as of third parties, in the cases of claims for infringement of their rights in relation to information or materials used or disseminated; and in cases where the materials or information are requested by state authorities, by virtue of an explicit legal provision.

Chile Hills Foods EOOD has the right at any time, without notifying the User, when the latter uses the Services in violation of these terms and conditions, and at the discretion of Chile Hills Foods EOOD, to terminate, suspend or change the provided Services.

Chile Hills Foods Ltd. is not liable to Users and third parties for damages and misses benefits arising from the termination, suspension, modification or limitation of the Services, deletion, modification, loss, inaccuracy, inaccuracy, or incompleteness of communications, materials, or information, transferred, used, recorded or made available through Chile Hills Foods EOOD. Chile Hills Foods Ltd. can provide publication in the thematic sections of the store of hyperlinks to other Internet pages and resources. Chile Hills Foods Ltd. is not liable for damages and lost profits arising from connection with the use, access or authenticity of these materials and content. The user is fully responsible for all damages caused to and third parties as a result of use or access to these websites and resources. Chile Hills Foods Ltd. is not liable for damages caused to software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or for loss of data resulting from materials or resources, sought, downloaded or used in any way through the Services provided. Advice, consultation or the assistance provided by the specialists and employees of in connection with the use of the Services by Users do not incur any liability or obligation for Chile Hills Foods Ltd. The user is obliged to indemnify Chile Hills Foods EOOD and all third parties for all damages suffered and missed benefits, including any costs and fees paid as a result of claims and / or paid compensation to third parties in connection with websites, hyperlinks, materials or information, which the User has used, placed on the server, sent, distributed, made available to third parties or made available through Chile Hills Foods EOOD in violation of the law, these General Terms and Conditions, good manners or the Internet ethics.  


  The General Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by Chile Hills Foods EOOD, which is obliged to notify The User for changes in the General Terms and Conditions by publishing on the Site a notice of the changes as well as the changes themselves – for getting to know them. The user is considered bound by the changes from the moment of their publication, unless he states that he does not accepts them. In case the User explicitly states that he does not agree with the changes, then Chile Hills Foods EOOD has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the provision of the Services to the User, as the obligations arising so far are subject of execution. Notices Unless expressly stated otherwise, all notifications related to the provision of the Services through The Site is made on the telephone numbers / contact addresses announced in a prominent place on the Site and respectively on the indicated telephone / contact address of the User. The notifications made in this way shall be deemed to have been duly received by proving the opposite.