It is Christmas time and miracles happen!!!

Our spiced grape brandy is a product that we have wanted to make it a reality a long time ago and there is no better time than now to announce our new jewel!

Introducing our very own new Spiced Grape Brandy with Birdseye chilli pepper, cardamom and herbs. Extremely soft, aged 3 years Muscat brandy with a naughty character.

Instructions for consumption:

1. Light a wood-burning stove or fireplace.

2. Take your favorite brandy glass (we use a thin-walled one with a stool).

3. Pour yourself some Chili Hills Spiced Grape Brandy, slightly chilled but not iced.

4. Sip, close your eyes and relax… You will feel the softness of a 3-year-old Muscat grape brandy. Then comes the heat from the Birdseye chili (between 50-100,000 SHU). There comes the aroma of cardamom and herbs. It combines perfectly with pickles, cold appetizers and cheeses. Extremely pleasant and digestive.

Change your perception of brandy! Consume wisely!

Available online at and at all Chilli Hills stores nationwide.

* This product is not suitable under 18 years old!

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