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November 29, 2022

Hot sauce with fermentation KILLA’

Fermented hot sauce? The first series of artisanal fermented hot sauces in Bulgaria, offered in the commercial network, is now available! And of course, this unique product comes from Chilli Hills.

KILLA’ Hot Sauce is our new series of hot sauces, which will be produced using a technology involving the fermentation of hot peppers. With this project, we stand behind people without borders – killers who conquer mountains on a board or skis, ride the waves of the sea with a surfboard or kite and tear down concrete skate parks with killer tricks.
KILLA’ Hot Sauce is just for you!

Spicy is power, energy and adrenaline. That is why we have planned a campaign in which part of the funds will go to promote and support extreme sports!
KILLA’ Hot Sauce will also be available in a new distribution channel, mostly skate, surf and snow shops, as well as other sports shops related to extreme sports. We are launching with three main flavors, BUT we will gradually add more!


Fermented hot sauce Chipotle and Black garlic

This is a killer delicious blend of ripe Jalapeno, Chipotle and Black garlic. It’s your personal X factor for every dish. A perfect combination for tacos, burgers, grill or vegetables.

Heat level: 3/10
Fermentation: 12 months

Ферментирал лют сос Habanero SriRADcha


Fermented hot sauce Habanero SriRADcha – RADical!!!
Our version on the world’s most popular hot sauce. We added Habanero for extra points. The only “skate buddy” you’ll ever need!

Heat level: 5/10
Fermentation: 12 months

Ферментирал лют сос Ghost Wave


Fermented hot sauce Ghost Wave

Dive into the ghost wave and feel the power of the flow. The deep, intensive taste of Naga chili pepper, combined with Habanero, will get you out of any tough situation.

Heat level: 9/10
Fermentation: 12 months


Choose your favorite KILLA’ flavor and order now!

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