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March 6, 2023

NEW: Fermented hot sauce

NEW: Fermented hot sauce

NEW: Fermented hot sauce by Chilli Hills and SoFerments

It is a great pleasure for us to announce our new collaboration, and not with just anyone, but with the gods of fermentation – SoFerments.

We have two unique and totally different hot sauces based on fermented lentil, garlic, honey and fermented hot peppers. Our new sauce is made by using soy sauce technology, in which soybeans are replaced with Bulgarian lentil and of course, hot peppers.

It sounds interesting at first, but trust us these two new products are beyond your imagination of Umami taste. Salty, sweet, sour and hot to varying degrees.

We have two flavours of course – our favorite Bulgarian carrot and amazing Habanero.

The series of sauces is limited edition. So hurry up and try something new and different from the best in the business. The sauces can be found in our online store, physical stores throughout the country. Also you can find them in the SoFerments store at 21 Lavelle Street or on their website.

If you haven’t met our friends from SoFerments, please do yourself a favor and visit their website and preferably visit their store to try the products of one of the most innovative brands in Bulgaria.

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