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December 22, 2023

New craft beer surprise

Dear friends, on Christmas Eve, we explode with a new craft beer surprise from Cohones Brewery and Chilli Hills. The latest spicy beer jewel is a chocolate stout, spiced up with our Bulgarian Carrot. The result is a must-try!

Even more exciting news is that our spicy beer is part of four iconic Bulgarian brands: Chilli Hills, “Kranea” farm /Stridarium/, DABOV Specialty Coffee, and Pchelina. Drumroll, please! (hear the drum beating) Introducing… a set of four craft beers BLACK TO THE BONES 4 ELEMENTS! Just loaded into our online store:

A limited edition of only 1300 sets. Each beer is individually numbered. 4 Bulgarian businesses: 4 elements: 4 flavors:

Fire: Bulgarian Carrot hot pepper with Jose Cuervo tequila, a collaboration with Chilli Hills Farm.

Water: oysters with Larios gin, a collaboration with “Kranea” farm /Stridarium/.

Earth: coffee with J. Wray rum, a collaboration with DABOV Specialty Coffee.

Air: honey with Jim Beam bourbon, a collaboration with Pchelina.

Each alcohol has aged for weeks in chips of medium-toasted American oak.

The spicy star in the set is the Fire beer: In it, you’ll experience a pleasant kick, with a spiciness rating of 3 out of 10, complemented by the aromatic Spanish gin Larios, aged for weeks in chips of medium-toasted American oak. To top it all off, your palate will explode with the distinctive aroma of imperial stout – chocolate and coffee. Don’t hesitate, pour yourself a glass of craft beer – and cheers to the holidays! From tomorrow, you will also find them in our physical locations.

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