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February 16, 2018

Gourmet chilli salt

Gourmet chilli salt Gourmet chilli salt from Chilli Hills We have the great pleasure to present something different to our fans as well as all seekers of explosive flavors. We have been working on the “Gourmet Chilli Salt” series for a long time and now it is a fact. We launch three types of salt that we have created with the main goal of complementing each other. Hot salt brings out the different flavors of your dish while giving it spiciness and flavor. The preparation technology is based on the infusion of different types of fresh peppers and spices, rubbed in pink Himalayan salt and dried at a low temperature in order to preserve the taste characteristics and color.

Here are the different types:

Gourmet chilli salt

Habanero, lime and thyme

Himalayan salt with a fresh citrus taste of lime, lemon thyme and tropical spiciness. Suitable for fish, chicken, meat and salads. Use the salt as part of your cooking process or sprinkle it over the finished dish for intense flavor and aroma. Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, habanero peppers, lime peel, lemon thyme

Balkan spices:

Gourmet chilli salt Smoky aroma of roasted chili pepper “Chipotle” in combination with anise flavor from Rodope spices and Himalayan salt. Suitable for grilled meats, soups and cooked dishes. Use the salt as part of your cooking process or sprinkle over the finished dish for aroma, intense flavor and spiciness. Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, Chipotle chili peppers, cumin, black pepper


Gourmet chilli salt Extremely hot salt with Naga chillies. Only for adventurers! Suitable for meat, fish, salads, soups and cooked dishes. Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, Naga Chilli

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