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October 17, 2022

Gold medals for Chili Hills

Gold medals are our joy!

And there is a reason – they are recognition! Recognition for the long sleepless nights filled with work, recognition for teamwork and for nailing down every recipe and detail. It looks easy, but eachstep forward is difficult. That’s why medals are our joy!

For another year, the most elite international food and beverage exhibition was held in Bulgaria – Interfood & Drink 2022.

This year, like every other, Food Exhibition 2022, brings together high-quality products from all over the world, hundreds of stands, specialized events, competitions, awards and business contacts. We love this exhibition because of the direct connection with the customers, the friends from other brands with whom we spend our days and the atmosphere full of work, innovation, desire for development and positive vibes! And in the end, it all ends well when, three products from our assortment were awarded with a gold medal and a diploma for a quality and original market product.

Ketchup Mild Chipotle, BBQ sauce Bourbon Glaze and BBQ sauce Smokey Original have been awarded and proudly line up alongside our other two gold medal products. Lutenitsa Chipotle Mild and Lutenitsa Habanero Hot , awarded at the 2019 show and four other gold medalists. Our hot sauces Bulgarian carrot, Village spice, Carolina reaper and Chilli jam – Cayenne pepper mild

Our barbecue sauce recipes impress with the carefully balanced combination of perfectly ripe tomatoes and smoky Mexican Chipotle.

The high-quality, oak-aged bourbon used in Bourbon Glaze BBQ Sauce is perfect for glazing ribs, chicken or vegetables, or simply as a dip for wings and fries. Each meat becomes tender, juicy, with a magnificent tan… Sweet and slightly spicy, this sauce gives the finishing touch to any barbecue. As for the Mild Chipotle ketchup, we can say that it’s just “lick your plate” good – a unique fusion finished with our favorite spices and a heat level.

Our products are our life! Thank you for the recognition and the award! They give us meaning to move forward! Chilli Hills – our world of spiciness!

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