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September 25, 2023

Fresh chilies from Chilli Hills

Пресни люти чушки от Chilli Hills
Fresh chilies from Chilli Hills

Dear friends and fans of chilli and fresh chillies from Chilli Hills,

the sweetest moment of our work has begun – the harvest!

The plants in our spicy farm began to bear fruit mercilessly. Today we collected quite a few of the following types: Scotch Bonnet (red and yellow), Fatali (orange), Habanero (red), White Naga, Bulgarian Carrot, the hottest pepper in the world – Carolina Reaper, Red Naga and the beloved Birdseye!

Fresh and crispy – still smelling of our new chili farm, which you will find out about very soon!

We already have enough in our online store, so check them out. Our store in Sofia is fully stocked, and soon all our stores throughout the country will be.

We will also share the exciting news of our project, which we have been working on for a long time and will shake up our native hot scene.

See you soon and eat chili!

Fresh chillies in all their beauty  from Chilli Hills chili farm can be viewed in our photo gallery specially selected for you.

*Our farm will be open soon for visits. Follow our Facebook page for more exciting news! Our stores throughout the country, where you can purchase our products, can be found here.

Пресни люти чушки Chilli Hills

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