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February 9, 2020

The sweet side of hot in the “Otblizo” show with Mira Dobreva

We had the pleasure to be guests in the studio of Mira Dobreva in the “Close up with Mira Dobreva” show, which started with an interesting presentation of us that we had not received before:

“If we have to give a task to my next guest with rewriting Bai Gagno, surely the first change he would make would be to replace the butter that the main character sells with… hot peppers!” It turns out that they have a natural wealth as the butter rose, and Bulgaria has one of the hottest varieties in the world!”

We are happy to have the opportunity to tell that one of the missions of Chilli Hills “Bring back the Carrot” or more precisely the popularization of this variety of pepper through the allocation of seedling seeds that we give freely to anyone who wants to grow not only just their own carrot, but the hot pepper Bulgarian carrot variety.

Watch the entire interview on the show’s youtube channel and find out more about the connection between eating chili and extreme sports, are people who eat chili different and what are the beneficial properties of our beloved peppers.

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