Within the Extreme Wasted Fest 2014, which will be held on 18.10.2014, we have supported an unusual challenge – Chilli Hills Chilli Challenge!

The regulation is as it follows:

The following types of hot peppers are mixed in equal parts in a container – rosehip white (slightly hot), fish (slightly hot), rosehip black (medium hot), Romanian (hot), New Mex (not hot), Habanero (very hot), Fatali (extremely hot), 7 pot (extremely hot).

1. The contestant shuffles blindly and pulls out a pepper.
2. He eats it all up to the handle, swallows and sticks out his tongue.
3. If it survives, it receives an item of its choice from Street Kitchen.

The Scorpion Challenge

For the daredevil who dares to eat a Trinidad Scorpion and in case he is not taken to the hospital, we have prepared a t-shirt package and a jar of one of the hottest peppers in the world – Naga!

Chilli Hills is NOT responsible for the consequences of participating in the challenge.
Participation will only take place with a signed declaration of consent by the participant.

Good Luck – We Love You Too!

More about the festival here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1478492862390480/

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