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October 2, 2022

Chilli Hills conquers Prague 

Dimitar, who has been living in Prague for 12 years, contacted us 8 months ago. 

He explained to us that he has his own grocery store in a cool area of Prague and would like to stock our products. 

After a period of time, Mitko began to fall more and more in love with Chilli Hills products. At first, he offered them at farmers’ markets. He shared that the local hot producers participate in these markets and our hot sauces and spices are being harder to sell there. Over time and with a lot of persistence, Chilli Hills products not only became recognizable in Prague, but established themselves as the preferred brand even among the local clientele. 

Currently, Chilli Hills products are available in two of the most popular bazaars – Farmarske trhy Malostranske namesti Praha 1 and Farmarske trhy Naplavka Praha 1, as well as in the store located at Bělohorská 261/37, 169 00 Praha 6. 

Our products are also available in several fast food restaurants and with each passing day we are becoming the favorite hot brand of more and more people. We are already receiving invitations to participate in Street Food festivals and other elite events. 


1. Hello Mitko, tell us a few words about yourself, how many years have you lived in Prague, what do you do?

Hello, I have been in Prague for 12 years and I’m in the field of food products trade. I am developing a distribution network for the import of Balkan products, which I believe are interesting and of high quality. I also have a small shop where I make it possible for people to enjoy my selection at any time. 

2. How long have you been running the store and what are your plans for development?

The shop has been in existence for 4 years and is locally known for offering a selection of products from the Balkan Peninsula. My goal is to introduce and offer an alternative to the traditional products found in the neighborhood. The store is located in Prague 6 at Belohorska Street 37 and from the beginning the plans for the development of the place were to offer quality Balkan products to interesting people. Most of the time, the store’s customers stay and make the place not just a store, but a social point of the neighborhood. I like to see the emotions on people’s faces while having fun and eating something delicious.  


3. How did you find out about Chilli Hills and what made you fall in love with our brand and products? 

A friend of mine told me a few years ago that there is a brand in Sofia that offers an insane good selection of hot products produced on their own farms. I was impressed that everything used in the products is natural, without added enhancers and most of all is gluten free. It is important to me to also offer an alternative for people who have more specific nutritional needs. When I looked for information on the Internet and saw the look and the idea of the product, we said to ourselves that Chilli Hills has no analogue on the Czech market. Today, it’s all a reality – Chilli Hills is entering people’s homes and reaching out to local businesses. 

4. For several months now, you have been participating with a Chilli Hills booth at two of the best farmers’ markets, how is our product being received?

The product arouses interest and is a preferred food for all kinds of people. The rich range of tastes and possibilities for experimentation in the kitchen is a priority for many modern people, and the fact that I have the opportunity to satisfy such different tastes is wonderful.

5. What is the clientele, locals or tourists – what feedback do the customers give you? 

Bazaars are an interesting place where both local and many foreign people from all over the world gather. What strikes me is that Chilli Hills also makes an interesting gift for people who are just passing through Prague and want to please a loved one back home. In general, the mythology of the brand opens up a huge world of hotness to the audience. One thing is certain – Chilli Hills products reach all kinds of people, manage to create an emotion and break up everyday life. People are happy to have a huge range of choice. 

 6. What are your plans for the future? Do you want to develop the brand or maybe make a Chilli Hills store in Prague?

I will certainly continue to introduce the products to all sorts of places around town and meet new people to explore the world of chili with. A Chilli Hills Specialty Store is a logical step that we are working to make it happen. I don’t like to talk about things I haven’t done yet, so this is all I can share at this stage. 

We thank Mitko for his support and are happy to welcome him in our big Chilli Hills family!  

If you live outside Bulgaria and want to join the global invasion of our brand, contact us and we will help you make it happen.  

P.S – In the interval between taking the interview and the publication, Mitko made the firm decision to devote himself fully to Chilli Hills and put his existing grocery store up for sale. 

If you live in Prague or want to get a ready-made business with quality Bulgarian products in Prague, please contact us and we will connect you with Mitko. 

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