Fresh chilies from Chilli Hills

Пресни люти чушки от Chilli Hills

Dear friends and fans of chili, the sweetest moment of our work has come – the harvest!
The plants in our spicy farm began to bear fruit mercilessly. Today we collected quite a few of the following types: Scotch Bonnet (red and yellow), Fatali (orange), Habanero (red), White Naga, Bulgarian carrot, the hottest pepper in the world – Carolina Reaper, red Naga and the beloved Birdseye!
Fresh and crispy – still smelling of our new chili farm, which you will find out about very soon.

Berlin Chili Fest is coming

The great news is that Chilli Hills will participate for the first time at the international exhibition for chilli brands in Berlin – Berlin Chili Fest, on 2-3 September.
We are invited to put our large tent in the center as well as include our products in the European Hot Sauce Awards. This recognition is a great honor for us!

Peperoncino Festival and Chilli Hills

Peperoncino Festival и Chilli Hills

We got some great news this week.
The Bulgarian embassy in Rome contacted us to officially invite us to represent Bulgaria in the annual spicy festival – Peperoncino Festival.
This festival has been held in Calabria for 31 years and has become the most iconic spicy event in Italy.
We are extremely happy that we are once again the chosen brand that will present the best hot products from Bulgaria.

Chili Hills at any airport in Bulgaria

Чили Хилс на всяко летище в България

Dear friends, great news!!!!
We have been working on a great project for almost a year now, which is already a reality.
Starting today, you will be able to find a large independent Chilli Hills stand in the duty-free zones of every airport in Bulgaria!
We are extremely proud to be one of the carefully selected Bulgarian brands that will represent modern Bulgaria.

Spicy Honey Mustard for BBQ!

Люта медена горчица за барбекюто

Люта медена горчица за барбекюто с Чипотле е новата ни изненада за вас! Представяме ви най-новия продукт на Chilli Hills!

The best chili at the A to JazZ Festival

A to Jazz Festival

Dear friends, we participated in A to JazZ Festival!
This is the most spectacular, free festival at the heart of Sofia, which is attended by over 50,000 people.
Four days filled with damn good music, super cool people, eating, drinking and carefully selected brands.

Spicy cocktail with Carolina Reaper brandy

Spicy cocktail with Carolina Reaper brandy

Spicy cocktail with Carolina Reaper brandy from Chilli Hills Our Spiced Grape brandy with Carolina Reaper has already gained enough popularity so we decided to include it in a signature cocktail, which we named ” The Hellish Mary” for obvious reasons. How much brandy you put in it is entirely up to you. And of […]

Spiced Grape Brandy with Carolina Reaper

Люта ракия с Каролина Рийпър

For connoisseurs and collectors only! Chili Hills presents its new explosive product: Spiced Grape Brandy with Carolina Reaper! Made with an infusion of the hottest peppers in the world, observed in our farms, this brandy offers a unique combination of intense aroma and delightful taste. Whether you’re an avid fan of spicy or just looking […]

New products! Chilli powder Bulgarian Carrot and Jalapeno

We are very pleased to present our new chilli powders from Chilli Hills – “Bulgarian Carrot” and “Jalapeño”. We have met the most popular chili pepper in the world with the most popular BULGARIAN one and added them into our extensive collection.