The hottest store in town – Magdeburger Volksstimme

Най-лютият магазин в града - Magdeburger Volksstimme

Just a few weeks ago, Boyan opened his shop in Magdeburg with Chilli Hills products and is already featured in the local newspaper Magdeburger Volksstimme. It tells about the hottest sauce in Europe – Deadline, the hottest pepper in the world Carolina Reaper, hot jams, chocolates and peanut butter that he offers in his shop.

Xplore Marketing: “Brand marketing” with Chilli Hills

Thanks to Xplora BG for inviting us to be guests on their digital podcast. We were very pleased to share our experiences and discuss issues related to the development of the Chilli Hills brand and its digital marketing. Many thanks for the opportunity to be ranked among the best in the world of digital marketing […]

Spice Up Your Brand with Alexander Kyourkiev

Spice Up Your Brand

Alex was a guest on the HoReCa podcast and talked about how to make your brand more visible and in accordance with new production and marketing trends? What and how big is the need for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and others to spice up or “refresh” their brand? As the consumer audience changes and their new […]

The world of spiciness with ECommerce Academy

We were guests at the eCommerce Academy podcast and talked about the hot culture in Bulgaria. In the 26th episode of the #eCommerceAcademyPodcast, you’ll find out more about where Chilli Hills products can be found, why participating in various bazaars and festivals is important, and what are our plans for expanding the brand.For the coffee […]


You can read about our contribution to the chili culture and how Chilli Hills brought the Bulgarian chili pepper back to Bulgaria, in the new issue of “Eight magazine”. 🙂 “In Bulgaria there is a variety of chili pepper with a rich history, and the only one that is known outside our borders even more […]

ReFresh for health with Chilli Hills

РеФреш за здраве Chilli Hills

SPICY IS GOOD FOR THE HEALTH  Whoever eats spicy food knows it very well, and that’s why we were guests on the ReFresh for health show on Eurocom TV. 1. What are the health benefits of chili and why is it a superfood? 2. What chili peppers contain and in which medical fields are they of great importance? […]

Spicy interview with “Predi Obed” on BTV

“Predi Obed” were our guests at the Chilli Hills Farm Shop!They tested their hot limits LIVE …A Study of American cardiologists has proven that people who consume hot chillies on a daily basis live longer. Bulgaria sits proudly on the world hot map. The pepper “Bulgarian carrot” is quite popular in the whole world! WATCH […]